Smiling Eyes

Summary 23rd February 2014:



It should not just simply be a ‘u’ shape on the face.
It should not be on its own.
It is more than just muscle movements.

It should involve the Heart.
It should involve the Eyes.


It just doesn’t look the same.
An emotionless smile depicts a sad story behind it.
An emotionless smile creates questions.

Are you happy?

It is easy to fool others.
It can even be easy to fool your mind. Subconsciously, you know the truth, but you’re too afraid to face it because you fear the consequences.

A smile can lie, but Eyes tell the truth.

If you see me looking away, it’s because I don’t want my Eyes to tell what my heart is afraid to say…

A true Smile is brightened up by the twinkle in the Eyes.

The Eyes tell the truth – Smiling Eyes

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